Pennywise House Concept

Until recently, people who wanted an historic-style home had two choices: find a real old house to fix up, or work with an architect to design a custom home. Both options require time and money that not everyone can afford. Now there is another choice. Architect-designed and factory-manufactured, Pennywise Houses are authentic in style, quick to build, and sustainably green.

The designs are available in a factory made kit-of-parts or can be stick-built by your contractor. Plans are available for purchase by paying a fee of $6,000 for a Farmhouse and $4,500 for a Cottage.

See Farmhouses: The designs in our Farmhouse Portfolio range from 1,600-3,200 square feet, designed for a primary residence or second home.

See Cottages: The houses in our Cottage Portfolio range from 630-950 square feet, making an ideal guest cottage, weekend home, studio, or home office.